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You want less social interactions just to have your own security and you also want to have all the new things in life. 
But you do not want to act and find them yourself. From that you develop the tendency 
to wait for others to present new things to you rather than to find them yourself. 
This is a habit that is the most difficult to get rid of among all the bad habits.
Luong Minh DangNew Lesson - Love Enlightenment Mankind

Videos available on Youtube

Souvenir Master Dang

In loving Memory of Master Luong Minh Dang

Collage of big antennas

Master Dang singing

A Bulgarian video

Master Luong Minh Dang in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2002

Master Luong Minh Dang transfer energy


Check also "Videos on the Internet" thread on the Russian-speaking section of UE-Global forum and Materials in Spiritualite Humanite Yoga. SHY. Духовная йога человека. group in Vkontakte social network. To access materials not available on the Internet, contact local centers.

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