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I pray to God Almighty. You created human beings in one form. You ordered that all people will live as one family. We stand in front of Your holiness and all human beings are under Your shadow. Everybody lives around Your grace and everyone is guided by the Your destiny.

I pray to God the Creator. You love everybody. You created each one and gave life to everyone. You give each person the skillful ability and You enable all people to be flooded by Your blessings that is abundant just as the sea.

I pray to God to give the blessing to unite all human beings, to bring harmony to all Religions, to combine all Nations to be one, to help all people to see each other as brothers and sisters in one family and to see this earth as a Country, and bless all people to live in Peace.

I pray to God to start the power to unite all human beings. I pray that You build the foundation of Peace and I ask You to bind all hearts to one. God the Merciful, I ask You to fill my heart with the fragrance of Your Love, I ask You to open our eyes with Your divine light, I ask you to open our ears with Your gentle words and I ask You to keep us in the fortress of Your destiny.

You are the OMNIPOTENT, who is infinite and eternal. You are the Merciful, You are the Forgiver of the lowliness and weakness of Humanity.

I beg you to hear my prayer.






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